55 Chorus Bilingual Song Book

Bilingual Chorus

 This song book is the work of almost five years as a pastor of a bilingual church. It includes mostly the songs that we’ve sang for years in English church but has a Spanish song or two thrown into the mix also. I hope it’s a blessing to someone. Thanks for reading and downloading the PDF copy available when you click on the link below.  Take the time to print it out, too.  God bless!

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Canto para La Pascua

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I found a website here that offers a lot of help to Hispanic and bilingual churches. The page this post is on has several bilingual songs, so check it out!

Musica Pentecostal

Aqui esta el canto que el coro estara cantando para el Servicio De Pascua
Lo estaremos cantando en español y en ingles, asi que es importante que lo aprendamos bien!

Letra en Español:

Verso 1:

La sangre que Cristo por mi derramo
en el calvario
Es la sangre, que cada dia
Me da fuerza y poder


Es la sangre, que cada dia
Me da fuerza y poder

Letra en Ingles:

Verse 1:

The blood that Jesus shed for me
way back on Calvary
The blood that gives me strength from day to day


The blood that gives me strenght
from day to day

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This is an exciting upbeat song in minor key that focuses on God’s ability and His love toward us.  It reassures us that He can and will do anything at anytime for His people.

Watch the bilingual lyrics video below and be sure to download the Bilingual Lyrics and Tablature also!

I’ll Say Yes

Click on the above link to download a printable PDF with lyrics and tablatures in Spanish and English!


My God Can Do Anything

click on the above link to open a PDF of the bilingual lyrics and tablatures

Home Missions Praise Report

Bro. Mylon and Sis. Vickie

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This song has to be my favorite worship song that we sing bilingual at Monte Calvario.  Produced by a popular group from down under, it is very compatible to a sweet move of God.

As I come into your presence
Past the gates of Praise
Into your sanctuary
‘Til we’re standing face to face
I look upon your countenance
I see the fullness of your grace
And I can only bow down and say

You are awesome in this place, Mighty God
You are awesome in this place, Abba Father
You are worthy of our praise
To you our hands we raise
You are awesome in this place, Mighty God

Ahora llego a tu presencia
Paso las puertas de alabanza
A tu santuario
Para tu cara a mirar
Yo veo a tu rostro
Tu gracia en su plenitud
Sólo puedo doblar y decir

Asombroso eres tú mi Dios
Asombroso eres tú Aba Padre
Digno de todo el loor
De la gloria y el honor
Asombroso eres tú mi Dios

I am thrilled to present my first post with a purpose other than simply introducing the reason for this humble blog of mine.  Today’s post includes a song that we as Apostolics have shouted to for decades.  The lyrics are here offered up in a video format on YouTube so that you may be able to read along and hear the Spanish sung, thereby making it possible to actually pronounce later on during service.  Please forgive the distortion in the audio, but I recorded this on my bad computer since my not so bad computer is in the hospital having it’s removable brain replaced.  Hopefully, you won’t find the sound quality too bad to understand the words.  Watch the video and print the lyrics and don’t preach things that you can sing.  (haha… just kidding) Really.

 It’s All In Him

Words and Music by George Farrow

1.   The mighty God is Jesus, the Prince of Peace is He

The everlasting Father, the King Eternally

The Wonderful in wisdom by whom all things were made

The fullness of the godhead in Jesus is displayed

2.   Our God for whom we’ve waited will be the glad refrain

Of Israel recreated when Jesus comes again

Lo, He will come and save us, Our King and Priest to be

For in Him dwells all fullness and Lord of all is He

Cho.    It’s all in Him, It’s all in Him

The fullness of the Godhead is all in Him

It’s all in Him, It’s all in Him

The mighty God is Jesus and it’s all in Him


Toda la Plenitud

Translation by Joseph Clay

  1. El Dios Poderoso, El Príncipe de Paz

El es el Padre Eterno, El Rey de Israel

Creador del Universo, Y todo lo que hay

Toda la plenitud de la Deidad es en Jesús

2.    Nuestro Dios amado, será la aclamación

Del pueblo redimido al ver su resplandor

Vendrá a arrebatarnos, con él siempre estar

Adoraremos por los siglos a Jesús nuestro Señor

Co.      Toda la plenitud, Toda la plenitud

Toda la plenitud de la Deidad es en Jesús

Toda la plenitud, Toda la plenitud

Toda la plenitud de la Deidad es en Jesús


Iglesia Monte Calvario